Copy Me

A game for one player, tests memory of continuously extending sequence.

The player has to remember an increasingly long pattern of illuminated lights


There are two sets of hardware.

1. The player hardware consists of four combined buttons and lamps. These are controlled by a Raspberry Pi running a Python Script.

Combined switch & lamp
Button & Lamp

2.The score is presented on four giant 7 segment displays that are controlled by an Arduino microcontroller.

The Arduino receives a serial data signal – from the Raspberry Pi – that contains the score information.


Round 1

The code will randomly illuminate one of the lights for a short period of time and then turn off. The player then presses the corresponding button, if correct he scores one point and the Raspberry Pi plays a happy sound. If incorrect a sad sound.

Round 2

The computer briefly illuminates the same light as in round 1, then randomly illuminates a second light and off. The player then presses the two buttons in the correct sequence. Happy/Sad sound and scores 1**1+2**2=5 points.

Round 3

Turn on and off lamp from Round 1, then the lamp from round 2, randomly turn on 3rd lamp. Player presses buttons to match sequence. If correct 1**1+2**2+3**3=14 points

Round 4


Round 30

‘cos we’ve only got four 7 segment LEDS! Maximum score = 9455

Copy Me Graph
Copy Me Score Chart


The tabs below show the Python code running on the Raspberry Pi & the C code running on the Arduino

Raspberry Pi Code

Arduino Code