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Upgraded Power Supply


Upgraded Power Supply PSUhigh

The gPiO box is shipped with a 6V 1A power supply (PSU) - which is fine for small loads.

When power hungry devices are connected a more powerful supply is needed. We can supply suitable 3A power supplies that enable the gPiO box to work with larger loads. When ordering a replacement supply please choose 6V, 12V, 24V or 36V (gPiO+ only) as suitable for your devices.


  • Choosing a Power Supply that does not match your components may cause damage.
  • If you are not sure please contact us.
  • GPIO Support Services will not be held liable for wrongly specified power supplies.

£12.99 In stock
3 Amp Power Supply 6 Volt (0) 12 Volt (0) 24 Volt (0) 36 Volt (0)